Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy:

Here at Wedding Table Favours we are committed to protecting the privacy of everyonewho uses our website and the confidentiality of the personal information with which our subscribers and customers provide us.




Here at Wedding Table Favours cookies are used. Cookies are messages given to a web browser by a web server. Cookie’s main objectives are to identify users and personalise their visit by customising web pages for them, for example greeting them by name the next time they visit a site.


Wedding Table Favours uses cookies only to recognise previous visitors. These cookies do not contain any personal information about you. They simply contain a database ID number which lets us greet you by name when you revisit the site.


Password/Account Security

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your passwords and account and any activities that occur under your account.Wedding Table Favours shall not be liable to any person for any loss or damage which may arise as a result of any failure by you to protect your password or account.

To ensure that your personal account information remains confidential, be sure to:

·         Keep your password secret.

·         Never distribute the URLs for pages that you have looked at while signed in as a registered customer.

How we use your information

·         From time to time, we will inform you by e-mail of new products, promotions and special offers from our site.

·         If you join our mailing list you will receive regular newsletter updates. You can unsubscribe to this at any time by e-mailing us at Please use Unsubscribe as the subject header and provide us with your name and correct e-mail address.

·         We will only contact you by phone if there is a query regarding your order.

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